The Beginning

The Building Trades Program originated at Fredericksburg High School under the name Casa Über Alles with the help of Richard Laughlin and other local building professionals. This program is designed to give students the ability put on a tool belt and step on a work crew the day after graduation.

Making Strides

High schools around the Texas Hill Country have begun to implement their own projects modeled after Casa Über Alles and have accomplished similar goals.

One of the key factors of success is community involvement. Building professionals from the local area provide important guidance and instruction in a real-world setting. These mentors donate their time and resources to invest in the next generation of builders and blue collar workers.

Moving Forward

Interest in adopting this program has been growing across the country. A truly grassroots movement, it can be tailored to meet the needs for schools whether a building trades program currently exists or not.

Are you ready for this powerful experience in your community? Contact us. We can’t wait to see your project launch!

Fredericksburg Middle School has joined the Casa Über Alles team

We’re proud of the work these students have accomplished and excited to expand the program!



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Our Mission

We empower today’s generation of students with skills in the building trades through real-world construction projects sold to the local community. We seek to restore pride in blue collar work and reinvigorate the building industry.

Project Awards

2017 NAHB Best in American Living

2017 One-of-a-Kind Custom Home up to 1,500 Sq. Ft.

2018 NAHB Best in American Living

Judges Discretionary Award for Educational Building Trades Program

2018 TAB Star Award

Best Special Project – Non-Primary Residence

2018 TAB Star Award

Best Architectural Design Tiny House

2019 TAB Star Award

Best Architectural Design Tiny House

2020 TAB Star Award

Best Special Project: Non-Primary Residence

2022 TAB Star Award

Best Tiny House

2024 TAB Star Award

Best Special Project Non-Residence
Best Tiny House

Contribute to the Project

Lots of time, effort, and support go into making Casa Über Alles a success every year.

Your donation is very much appreciated and helps to fund real-world experiences students can utilize for the rest of their lives.

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