Labor Shortage

Skilled labor in the construction industry is shrinking. We need to train the next generation of workers.


Demand for skilled labor is going up, opening the door for employment opportunities.

Training for the Future

It’s up to current skilled workers to educate those who come after them.

We are seeing this deficit in skilled labor
and everyone is trying to figure out what to do.

Richard Laughlin
Laughlin Homes & Restoration

Community Supported

Training for Students

  • Build a tiny home from the ground up
  • Hands-on experience
  • Exposure to many fields
  • Instills pride for young adults

With an emphasis in teaching the skills employers are looking for, the High School Building Trades Program is a great way for students to experience multiple trades as they start and finish a high end custom tiny home in a single school year.

Scaleable growth through

Sustainable Funding

  • Yearly home auction
  • Industry donations & volunteers
  • Community fundraisers

The inherent self-sustainability through community support and sale of the home means schools don’t have to work through red tape to get funding.

Program Benefits


Get a head start on employable skills without requiring a college degree


Learn to work as part of a crew to complete a real-world project sold to the community


Work alongside industry professionals to receive hands-on learning

Building Trades Skills

Sample multiple trades to find the perfect career to pursue

Life Skills

Get empowered to complete personal projects and home maintenance

School Credit

Receive class credit and get valuable training at the same time

Providing the tools to

Build a Promising Future

With a focus on employable skills, the High School Building Trades program develops awareness of job opportunities. It is a launch pad for discovering lucrative careers for students uninterested in pursuing a college degree.

  • On the job training
  • Exposure to different trades
  • Increase confidence
  • Alternative learning methods
  • Develop teamwork skills
  • Learn from industry leaders
What they say


  • Taking this class helps a lot. I’m trying to take ahold of what a good opportunity this is.

    Blake Pennick
  • It really made me appreciate all of the knowledge you have to have in order to build a house.

    Clay Crouse
  • If you take this high school kid and put them in an environment where they can be successful, it’s going to pay huge dividends down the road.

    Mickey Dunn
    Owner ML Industries
  • You can’t just move slow and eventually get the job done. It’s got to be done on time and be done right and well.

    Luke Moelloring
  • I want to make sure they have the skills necessary to pursue the career of their dreams.

    Logan Minshew
    CTE Counselor
  • If I was running a job for a customer, this house would be built the exact same way.

    Joel Haby
    Program Instructor